Personal Growth Day

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It’s no secret that 2020 has tested our limits as a business but it’s also shown us what great employees we have that has kept us focused and switched on.

In order to support our continued growth and success as an organization, as well as to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our team during the recent months of crisis – Rackson is launching a new initiative to focus on our most important assets: OUR PEOPLE.

We are asking each of our Restaurant Support Team and Area Coach to plan a Personal Growth Day (PGD) each month from now until the end of 2020. This time is meant for personal growth. It means we want our team to take a day for themselves: to unplug, to spend time with their families, to read that book they never got to…whatever it is, everyone will be asked to be 100% OFFLINE from work during their PGD and they will need to block their calendars and let everyone know they are taking a PGD so we can respect their day off to grow.

We cannot wait to see what everyone will be up to on their PGD, share with us what you would do on yours?