Ultimate RGM Award Nominee Highlight – Deveen Meikle

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Annually Rackson Restaurants awards an “Ultimate Restaurant General Manager” to an exemplary RGM that we recognize for their dedication and hard work but also their unwavering drive towards our mission, vision, values and purpose.

Today we highlight our final nominee: Deveen Meikle.

Deveen has been with Burger King since 1999 and has been with Rackson Restaurant since 2016. During 2020, she has managed to receive two REV scores at 100% and an additional one at 93.1! In additional to a GP variance of 0.05% in 2020.

But Deveen wasn’t nominated based purely on her KPI/metrics, her Area Coach nominated her due to her leadership that she displayed every single day. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but in NYC, it created widespread panic. The team in NYC had so many questions, and were in their own rights scared of what’s unknown. Deveen stepped up and addressed her team on a daily basis regarding scheduling, operations, food delivery, safety and etc.

Deveen truly stepped up as a leader during the worst of times and she has exceled as an exceptional leader that is truly caring and can work well under pressure.

Deveen really embodies our mission to “Run great restaurants, with great team members to ensure a great experience for our customers.”

Congratulations Deveen on your well deserved nomination!

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