Ultimate RGM Award Nominee Highlight – Linda Vegas

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Annually Rackson Restaurants awards an “Ultimate Restaurant General Manager” to an exemplary RGM that we recognize for their dedication and hard work but also their unwavering drive towards our mission, vision, values and purpose.

Today we highlight our sixth nominee: Linda Vegas.

Linda has been with Burger King for over 25 years, and has spent her last 5 years with Rackson Restaurants. Although 2020 has been quite a challenging year for Linda as she went through personal struggles, she never stopped being there for her team. She worked alongside them, developing her team and patiently coached and lead them to being a successful store despite the pandemic.

During 2020, she has managed to receive high REV scores of 95.9, 96.9 and 97.6%. She also boasts 100% of BK Link completion for training and has maintained a Guest Trac OSAT NPS of 63.2% for the year.

In her free time, Linda enjoys spending time with her family, including her two children, gardening, having large family dinners and going to the beach.

Linda truly recognizes the importance of putting the focus on our people first. She treats her team like family and understands the importance of developing and coaching her team.

Congratulations Linda on your well deserved nomination, we’re looking forward to even greater things from you!

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