Ultimate RGM Award Nominee Highlight – Natasha Lewis

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Annually Rackson Restaurants awards an “Ultimate Restaurant General Manager” to an exemplary RGM that we recognize for their dedication and hard work but also their unwavering drive towards our mission, vision, values and purpose.

Today we highlight our second nominee: Natasha Lewis.

Natasha has been with Rackson since 2016 but has been working for Burger King for over 14 years now. Natasha has made some amazing achievements during her time at Rackson being a single mom to three amazing children while successfully working as an RGM, including working at our first Double Drive Through stores and pioneering the way for future DDTs for Rackson.

Not only has Natasha been an excellent performer, she is truly people centric and aligned with Rackson values, Natasha’s leadership skills have helped other team members achieve leadership roles within the company by using her coach-centric skills. Along with her people development skills, it has proved to lead her stores by upping sales at 35% YTD.

Natasha is an extremely capable leader of Rackson and instills the value of Fairness, Accountability and Recognition in every way.

Congratulations Natasha on your nomination for the Ultimate RGM! We look forward to even greater things from you!

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