Rackson Ultimate RGM Award Nominees!

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Annually Rackson Restaurants awards an “Ultimate Restaurant General Manager” to an exemplary RGM that we recognize for their dedication and hard work but also their unwavering drive towards our mission, vision, values and purpose.

This award started five years ago and is usually unveiled at an annual RGM Summit typically held at the end of March. As with most things in the last year we have decided to move everything to a virtual platform.

This year we have 7 AMAZING nominees who are contenders for this coveted award. And we wanted to shout to the world about who they are and why they are nominated. Please follow us to get to know each of them this month and their inspiring accomplishments in 2020.

We will start with our first nominee: Mariam Sidibay

Mariam came to Rackson in the fall of 2019. She took over our Elkton location when it had no Manager for 6 months. She quickly built a high performing team and improved guest relations and guest trac results 4 folds in less than a year. In April of 2020, Mariam took over a newly acquired restaurant where she quickly went to work to ensure she was building an effective team and soon enough the restaurant had double digit sales increases week to week.

Not only has Mariam excelled in the restaurants she has run, but she is also a huge motivator in her district, she has successfully trained and mentored potential leaders into current successful General Managers, but also continually be a cheerleader and coach to other General Managers that are faced with challenges.

Mariam is a true leader and coach. She is laser focused on people development and really reflect our “people first” culture. In turn, she has highly productive teams and she continually drives our value of Fairness, Accountability and Recognition in the way she operates her store and develops her team.

Congratulations Mariam on your nomination for the Ultimate RGM! We look forward to even greater things from you!

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